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Friendship is an important part of a child’s social‐emotional development. From our friends we learn to share, to listen, and to express our feelings. But most importantly, our friends give us a sense of belonging. Read about some amazing friendships that have been developed through The Friendship Foundation and by the support of the SKECHERS Friendship Walk.

PHOTO CREDITS: Lauren Pressey Photography 

Lauren & Sofia

Lauren & Sofia

Six years ago, I joined the Friendship Club at my elementary school because I wanted to meet new people and make new friends. There, I befriended peers at lunch, recess and in class. In middle school, my involvement deepened through the weekly pizza lunches at Friendship Club, where I socialized and honed in on my “Go Fish” and “Uno” card skills. It was there that I developed deeper friendships and realized how much I enjoyed teaching kids and spending time with them. In high school, I volunteered for Friendship Foundation’s basketball clinics because I wanted the kids to love basketball as much as I do. Being a varsity player, I taught them skills and fundamentals, and through our scrimmages and clinics, they learned about the game. I first met Sofia at the basketball clinic, and immediately I was drawn to her infectious energy and bubbly zest for life. I started rebounding for her, and even though she was a little shy at first, I could tell that she was a natural baller and knew how to have fun while playing the game. Instantly, I knew that I wanted to be her friend. When we hang out, we have epic tickle wars, arm wrestles, and teach each other new dance moves and secret handshakes. At the park, we race each other down the slides, and bond over playing basketball and our love for Bruno Mars. Even though I don’t get to see Sofia often, our time together is very special due to our unique connection. She is such a cool girl, and I am so grateful and lucky that Friendship Foundation has brought us together. It’s been awesome to know her and see her true personality unfold. I am so happy that I can call her my friend. - Lauren

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