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Team Goal: $2,500
Achieved: $1,240

2018 SKECHERS Pier to Pier Friendship Walk

Madrona Middle School Campus Team

As the Team Ambassador for Madrona Middle School's Friendship Walk "team," I hope you will join us. Become a "virtual walker" for just $30 and you will be a part of a greater team by empowering teachers with the supplies and technology tools needed to engage students in a positive learning environment.

Make sure to click on the JOIN MY TEAM box on the top right to register, then also find the box marked Torrance Education Foundation and click that as well.

Thank you for your consideration and GO TEAM MADRONA!

Madrona Middle School Campus Team - Join Team Raised
Personal Gift Candice Davis $55.00
Personal Gift Jennifer Antolin $30.00
Mia Antolin $130.00
Personal Gift Tayo Balogun $30.00
Personal Gift Jake Brown $30.00
Personal Gift Larson Estefan $30.00
Personal Gift Michelle Fisher $30.00
Personal Gift adrienne glass $30.00
margie Hayward $30.00
Personal Gift Paige Hayward $30.00
Personal Gift Jacqueline Hemmah $60.00
Gavin Hifumi $30.00
Glenn Hifumi $30.00
Personal Gift Kyle Hifumi $30.00
Misun Hifumi $30.00
Sydney Hifumi $30.00
Personal Gift Yu jeen Sharon Jun $30.00
Personal Gift darlene kalenik $30.00
Kevin Kalenik $30.00
Madison Kalenik $30.00
sadie kalenik $30.00
Personal Gift Rinna Koyama $30.00
Allen Lainaholo $30.00
Personal Gift Steve Lainaholo $30.00
Personal Gift Vika Lainaholo $30.00
Personal Gift Ana Malu-Lainaholo $30.00
Personal Gift Jeffrey Nielsen $30.00
Personal Gift Seren Nordland - Madrona $30.00
Connie Nordland $30.00
Robert Nordland $30.00
Johi Saito $30.00
Personal Gift Shion Saito $30.00
John Stuart $30.00
Personal Gift Meluz Suson $70.00
Team Gifts $25.00
Denotes a Team Captain