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Team Goal: $10,000
Achieved: $3,230

2018 SKECHERS Pier to Pier Friendship Walk

Grand View

Grand View Gators, Parents and extended family! (Cant make the date-Virtual walkers welcomed!!!)

Come join your friends, neighbors, and classmates on
Sunday October 28th at the
SKECHERS 10th Annual Pier to Pier Friendship Walk!


TEAM GV MEETING PLACE: Outside Skechers Store- Meet by 9am! 
8:00am:    Check-in and Registration. Exhibitions and Fun Zone
9:00am:    Opening Ceremony and Pier to Pier Walk starts

Starts at: Manhattan Beach Pier, walk to Hermosa Pier. If you have family members with little legs,      maybe your walk ends here. Officially the walk circles back to the MB pier. (Roundtrip walk of 3.5miles)

Join the Grand View team and be sure to designate your contribution to MBEF so your registration fee will directly support OUR schools!

If you can't participate, no problem – please consider becoming a "virtual walker”.

For every $30 walker or virtual walker, MBEF and our schools received
$120 from the SKECHERS Foundation 

On walk day, look for green Grand View or MBEF signs near the Manhattan Beach Pier so we can all meet and walk together.

We hope to see you there, and thank you so much for your support!

If you have any questions, please contact GV lead, Vicki Tyler at or call 310-965-6868

Grand View - Join Team Raised
Personal Gift Vicki Tyler $30.00
Personal Gift Songul Afacan Yaprak $30.00
Marissa Alvarez $30.00
Personal Gift Ryan Bacura $30.00
Personal Gift allie Carsia $30.00
Colette Chau $30.00
Personal Gift Diane Chau $30.00
Paul Chau $30.00
Brian Coppola $30.00
Personal Gift Erin Coppola $30.00
Justin Coppola $30.00
Nina Coppola $30.00
Alexander Cram $30.00
Personal Gift Jennifer Cram $30.00
Megan Cram $30.00
Dave Dang $30.00
Isla Dang $30.00
Ivy Dang $30.00
Personal Gift Faye Ferriday $30.00
Grover Geiselman $30.00
Marlow Geiselman $30.00
Personal Gift Meghan Geiselman $80.00
Sloane Geiselman $30.00
Evelyn Grenz $30.00
Henry Grenz $30.00
Personal Gift Jennifer Grenz $30.00
Josiah Grenz $30.00
Gisele Griest $30.00
Personal Gift Scott Griest $30.00
Lucio Haldeman $30.00
Personal Gift Valerie Haldeman $30.00
Personal Gift Christian Hansen $30.00
Drake Hansen $30.00
Max Hansen $30.00
Personal Gift Rex Holland $30.00
Personal Gift Pam Jackson $30.00
Jalen Kao $30.00
Kellen Kao $30.00
Personal Gift Michelle Kao $30.00
Personal Gift Gill Kennan Kennan $30.00
Personal Gift John Knott $30.00
Shana Knott $30.00
Ben LaCour $30.00
Jack LaCour $30.00
Personal Gift Jessica LaCour $30.00
Anh-Thu Le $30.00
Personal Gift Skye Lim $30.00
Benjamin Luengo $30.00
Emma Luengo $30.00
Personal Gift Jessica Luengo $30.00
Joey Luengo $30.00
Personal Gift Nora Maynard $30.00
Quinn Maynard $30.00
Personal Gift Kristin Megaw $30.00
Morrison Megaw $30.00
Paul Mellinger $30.00
Ty Mellinger $30.00
Personal Gift Valerie Mellinger $30.00
Benoit Michaud $30.00
Lo Michaud $30.00
Mal Michaud $30.00
Personal Gift Teresa Michaud $30.00
Personal Gift Megan Monroe $30.00
Riley Monroe $30.00
Akash Patel $30.00
Amit Patel $30.00
Personal Gift Bonna Patel $30.00
Shailen Patel $30.00
Personal Gift Amanda Paul $30.00
Don Paul $30.00
Emma Paul $30.00
Kat Paul $30.00
Personal Gift Benjamin Paunovich $30.00
Decker Pritz $30.00
Eric Pritz $30.00
Rylie Pritz $30.00
Personal Gift Tricia Pritz $30.00
Personal Gift Jack Quigley $30.00
Sandy Quigley $30.00
Personal Gift Krysti Sam $30.00
Cooper Schlager $30.00
Personal Gift Lisa Schlager $30.00
Mason Shepley $30.00
Nicole Shepley $30.00
Steve Shepley $30.00
Personal Gift Tyler Shepley $30.00
giada Talbott $30.00
marlo Talbott $30.00
Nico Talbott $30.00
Personal Gift Jessica Taubman $30.00
Keaton Taubman $30.00
Bennett Tipper $30.00
Colbie Tipper $30.00
Martha Tipper $30.00
Personal Gift Russell Tipper $30.00
Dan Tyler $30.00
Jack tyler $30.00
Michael Tyler $30.00
Alia Vanzura $30.00
Ember Vanzura $30.00
Personal Gift Jessica Vanzura $30.00
Merve Pelin Yaprak $30.00
Tolga Yaprak $30.00
Team Gifts $60.00
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