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2018 SKECHERS Pier to Pier Friendship Walk


Come join your friends, neighbors, and classmates
(Virtual walkers welcomed!!!)

Sunday October 28th at the
SKECHERS 10th Annual Pier to Pier Friendship Walk!

8:00am: Check-in and Registration. Exhibitions and Fun Zone
9:00am: Opening Ceremony and Pier to Pier Walk starts

Manhattan Beach Pier

We start at the Manhattan Beach Pier and walk to the Hermosa Pier. If you have family members with little legs, maybe your walk ends here. Officially the walk circles back to the MB pier (Roundtrip walk of 3.5miles)

The spirit of the walk meshes with the values of inclusion, love and friendship. The money raised supports The Friendship Foundation kids, and the Manhattan Beach public schools.

If you can't participate, no problem – please consider becoming a "virtual walker”.

Be sure to designate your contribution to MBEF so your registration fee will directly support OUR schools! For every $30 walker or virtual walker registration, MBEF and our schools can receive up to $120 from the SKECHERS Foundation

On walk day, look for MBEF signs near the Manhattan Beach Pier so we can all meet and walk together.

We hope to see you there and thank you so much for your support!

If you have any questions, please contact MBEF Team Captain,

Kristi Buckley at or call 310-303-3342

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Personal Gift Kristi Buckley $30.00
Hannah Bergin $30.00
Personal Gift Kate Bergin $30.00
Timothy Bergin $30.00
Personal Gift Carter Buckley $30.00
Owen Buckley $30.00
Personal Gift Yula Chin $30.00
Camille Court $30.00
Damian Court $30.00
Personal Gift Mary David $30.00
Dylan Fenton $30.00
Personal Gift Jen Fenton $30.00
Kaylie Fenton $30.00
Personal Gift Bill Fournell $50.00
Personal Gift Adam Rita Lauren and Josh Goldston $50.00
Personal Gift Heather Hoffman $50.00
Personal Gift Cathy Hunt $30.00
Personal Gift Marija Kosanovich $30.00
Personal Gift Erin Levin $30.00
Steve Levin $30.00
Personal Gift Emily Macias $30.00
Personal Gift George Macias $30.00
Alana Mahan $30.00
Ella Mahan $30.00
Hilary Mahan $30.00
Rob Mahan $30.00
Personal Gift Trey Mahan $30.00
Personal Gift Mike Matthews $50.00
Kelly Anne May $30.00
Personal Gift Romana May $30.00
Personal Gift Madeleine McCormack $30.00
Personal Gift Michelle McDonald $30.00
Personal Gift Stacy Myrose $200.00
Personal Gift Mitchell and Ann Ozawa $100.00
Personal Gift Karina Pacific $30.00
Personal Gift Sally Peel $30.00
Personal Gift Priya Pillutla $30.00
Duilio Ramallo $30.00
Personal Gift Joni Ramallo $30.00
Kate Ramallo $30.00
Owen Ramallo $30.00
Personal Gift Derek Rigaud $30.00
Eliana Rigaud $30.00
Elyse Rigaud $30.00
Johanna Rigaud $30.00
Personal Gift Marvie Roberts $30.00
Cate Rogoff $30.00
Charlie Rogoff $30.00
Dan Rogoff $30.00
Personal Gift Robyn Rogoff $30.00
Personal Gift linda rosen $30.00
nicole rosen $30.00
Alison Rosenthal $30.00
Emma Rosenthal $30.00
Eva Rosenthal $30.00
Personal Gift Scott Rosenthal $50.00
Personal Gift Jeffrey Serota $100.00
Kanaka Shetty $30.00
Nandita Shetty $30.00
Rohit Shetty $30.00
Vikram Shetty $30.00
Personal Gift Michelle Sumner $30.00
Personal Gift Franklin Tseng $30.00
Personal Gift Ann Marie Whitney $50.00
Team Gifts $200.00
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