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2017 SKECHERS Pier to Pier Friendship Walk

Lincoln Elementary School (Redondo Beach)

Hello Lincoln Families,

I encourage you to join us on Sunday, October 29 for the Pier to Pier Friendship Walk. This is a wonderful event to support a great cause as well as fundraise for Lincoln Elementary. The more walkers we have, the more funds raised for Lincoln Elementary. This includes virtual walkers! Please encourage family and friends to join our effort to raise the bar for our students.

In an effort to encourage your participation, I have agreed to be slimed if we reach our goal of 275 walkers. In 2015, we had 211 2016, 186. This year, I have set our goal at 275 walkers and virtual walkers! But Mr. J, that's crazy. Yes, in case you haven't noticed, I am a little crazy. Let's send a message that the Pride of the North is in it for kids in a big way.

And one more thing, this sliming...I'm not doing it casual. I will be wearing dress shirt, slacks, dress shoes, and tie. And lots of slime. Let's make this happen.

Mr. J - Principal

Lincoln Elementary School (Redondo Beach) - Join Team Raised
Personal Gift Jason Johnson $50.00
Farah Anwar-Hasan $30.00
Personal Gift Andrew Balek $30.00
Erin Balek $30.00
Leah Balek $30.00
Shane Balek $30.00
Christian Barrett $30.00
Madison Barrett $30.00
Personal Gift Michael Barrett $30.00
Personal Gift Donna Bell $30.00
Jennifer Bunting $0.00
Personal Gift Angelika Cullers $30.00
James Cullers $30.00
Noah Cullers $30.00
Personal Gift Chloe Donovan $30.00
Keira Donovan $30.00
Kimberly Donovan $30.00
Michael Donovan $30.00
Laura Ensberg $30.00
Aurelie Ernoux $30.00
Matthieu Ernoux $30.00
Personal Gift Stephane Ernoux $30.00
Susi Farmer $0.00
Minahil Hasan $30.00
Personal Gift Nadeem Hasan $30.00
Anja Haug $30.00
Personal Gift Jill Haug $30.00
Personal Gift Peter Haug $180.00
Sheila Hay $0.00
Leah Huberman $30.00
Allegra Johnson $0.00
Debra Johnson $100.00
Michael Johnson $0.00
Carl Jones $30.00
Jordan Jones $30.00
Personal Gift Kristin Jones $30.00
Personal Gift Greg Kampanis $30.00
Jack Kampanis $30.00
Kelli Kampanis $30.00
Olivia Kampanis $30.00
Paige Kampanis $30.00
Personal Gift Alison Kaplan $30.00
Dan Kaplan $30.00
Olivia Kaplan $30.00
Personal Gift Alyssa Kubo $30.00
Daryl Kubo $30.00
Junko Kubo $30.00
Personal Gift Lucas Kubo $30.00
Eli Law $30.00
Jane Law $30.00
Michael Law $30.00
Personal Gift Shauna Law $30.00
Laura Ligthart-Ernoux $30.00
Personal Gift Jen Lowery $30.00
Personal Gift Andrew Loyer $30.00
Jackson Loyer $30.00
Marlys Loyer $30.00
Matt Loyer $30.00
Dalen Malcomb $30.00
Personal Gift Robyn Malcomb $30.00
Personal Gift Damien Marin $30.00
Diana Marin $30.00
Jackson Marin $30.00
Morgan Marin $30.00
Personal Gift David Nathan $30.00
Micah Nathan $30.00
Alexis Nestman $30.00
Howard Nestman $30.00
Personal Gift Stephanie Nestman $30.00
Tyler Nestman $30.00
Personal Gift Michelle OMalley $30.00
Personal Gift Barbara Ozanich $30.00
Personal Gift Alexis Popa $30.00
Rares Popa $30.00
Personal Gift Amy Robinson $50.00
Personal Gift Wyatt Santos $30.00
SImona Sereikaite $30.00
John Smith $0.00
Judy Smith $0.00
Candace Springer $30.00
Colin Springer $30.00
Kevin Springer $30.00
Personal Gift Scarlett Springer $30.00
James Suarez $30.00
Jayden Suarez $30.00
Personal Gift Amy Sy $30.00
Ava Sy $30.00
Ben Sy $30.00
Personal Gift Chloe Vachon $30.00
Renee Vachon $30.00
Personal Gift Edvinas Valiukevicius $30.00
Ema Valiukevicius $30.00
Olivia Valiukevicius $30.00
Tyler Wen $30.00
Personal Gift Yang Wen $30.00
Personal Gift Zachary Wen $30.00
Chrissy Woo $30.00
Team Gifts $60.00
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