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Team Goal: $7,400
Achieved: $6,525

2019 Skechers Pier to Pier Friendship Walk

Grand View Gators

Join your friends, neighbors, and classmates on

Sunday, October 27th

for the


Pier to Pier Friendship Walk!

Be sure to designate your contribution to the

"Manhattan Beach Education Foundation"

so your Registration Fee and more supports our Schools!

Can't participate? No problem!

Register as a "Virtual Walker”.

For every Walker or Virtual Walker that is Registered with an MBEF or MBUSD School Team, we receive a generous donation from the SKECHERS Foundation.


8:00am: Check-in and Registration, Exhibitions and Fun Zone
9:00am: Opening Ceremony and Pier to Pier Walk starts


We start at the Manhattan Beach Pier and walk to the Hermosa Pier. If you have family members with little legs, maybe your walk ends here. Officially the walk circles back to the MB pier (Roundtrip walk of 3.5miles).

On walk day, look for MBEF signs near the Manhattan Beach Pier so we walk together.

Why Sign Up?

The spirit of the walk combines the values of inclusion, love and friendship. The money raised supports The Friendship Foundation kids, and our Manhattan Beach public schools.

We hope to see you there and thank you so much for your support!

If you have any questions, please contact

Grand View Team Captains:  Samantha Maynard or Melissa Overholt


Grand View Gators Raised
Personal Gift Vincent Allan $30.00
Leonard Armato $30.00
Personal Gift Leonardo Armato $50.00
Personal Gift Heather Ballard $30.00
Holly Barberi $30.00
Personal Gift Luka Barberi $30.00
Tony Barberi $30.00
Bret Barker $30.00
Personal Gift Scout Barker $180.00
Personal Gift Ananya Batheja $30.00
Viren Batheja $30.00
Personal Gift Janice Blake $30.00
John Blake $30.00
John Candelaria $30.00
Personal Gift John Kasey Candelaria $30.00
Julie Candelaria $30.00
Personal Gift Colette Chau $30.00
Diane Chau $30.00
Paul Chau $30.00
Personal Gift Erin Coppola $30.00
Justin Coppola $30.00
Alex Cram $30.00
Bill Cram $30.00
Personal Gift Jen Cram $30.00
Megan Cram $30.00
Zach Cram $30.00
Chiara Crescentini $30.00
Personal Gift Christiana Crescentini $30.00
Dino Crescentini $30.00
Roman Crescentini $30.00
Personal Gift Dave Dang $30.00
Isla Dang $30.00
Ivy Dang $30.00
Personal Gift Mireille Dermer $30.00
Personal Gift Christina Duggan $30.00
Kai Duggan $30.00
Maile Duggan $30.00
Taj Duggan $30.00
Personal Gift Tommy Dunbar $60.00
Personal Gift Jessica Ernst $30.00
Personal Gift Kote Flosse $30.00
Mehiti Flosse $30.00
Miri Flosse $30.00
Personal Gift Kai Froeb $30.00
Koa Froeb $30.00
Grover Geiselman $30.00
Marlow Geiselman $30.00
Personal Gift Meghan Geiselman $30.00
Sloane Geiselman $30.00
Personal Gift Lily Gombert $155.00
Luke Graham $30.00
Personal Gift Michael Graham $30.00
Stephanie Graham $30.00
Asher Greenspon $30.00
Bruce Greenspon $30.00
Gisele Griest $30.00
Personal Gift Scott Griest $30.00
Personal Gift Taryn and Van Hess $60.00
Aidan Hopson $30.00
Personal Gift Benjamin Hopson $30.00
Personal Gift Andrea Hutter $30.00
Jenny Jackson $0.00
Mallory Jackson $30.00
Personal Gift Marra Jackson $80.00
Jalen Kao $30.00
Kellen Kao $30.00
Kevin Kao $30.00
Personal Gift Michelle Kao $30.00
Personal Gift Aryana Kapoor $30.00
Shweta Kapoor $30.00
Personal Gift Braeden Kennedy $30.00
Nadege Klein Flosse $30.00
Anh-Thu Le $30.00
Personal Gift Chance Levy $30.00
Wynn Levy $30.00
Personal Gift Debra Lotstein $30.00
Benjamin Luengo $30.00
Emma Luengo $30.00
Personal Gift Jessica Luengo $30.00
Joey Luengo $30.00
Ben Mann $30.00
Personal Gift stella Mann $30.00
Tomasita Mann $30.00
Personal Gift Jake Mason $30.00
Personal Gift Nora Maynard $30.00
Quinn Maynard $30.00
Samantha Maynard $30.00
Julie Mays $30.00
Palmer Mays $30.00
Sailor Mays $30.00
Personal Gift Sydney Mays $30.00
James Meenaghan $430.00
Personal Gift Jill Meenaghan $330.00
Morgan Mengel $30.00
Shane Mengel $30.00
Personal Gift Megan Monroe $30.00
Riley Monroe $30.00
Personal Gift Courtney Montpas $30.00
Lisa Morita $30.00
Beckett Moyzes $30.00
Hayden Moyzes $30.00
Personal Gift Kelly Moyzes $30.00
Emily Nolan $30.00
Personal Gift Shane Nolan Nolan $30.00
Bradley Nolting $30.00
Personal Gift Madison Nolting $30.00
Emma Orzano $30.00
Jenna Orzano $30.00
Nick Orzano $30.00
Personal Gift Olivia Orzano $60.00
Personal Gift Mabry Overholt $30.00
Mary Walker Overholt $30.00
Annie Padnos $30.00
Anthony Padnos $30.00
Ben Padnos $30.00
Personal Gift Ellen Padnos $30.00
Akash Patel $30.00
Amit Patel $30.00
Personal Gift Bonna Patel $30.00
Shailen Patel $30.00
Jack Quigley $30.00
Personal Gift Sandy Quigley $30.00
Darya Raker $30.00
Personal Gift elham raker $30.00
Samuel Raker $30.00
Personal Gift ava Saffell $30.00
Katherine Saffell $30.00
Krysti Sam $30.00
Personal Gift Nathan Schmidt $30.00
Stavros Schmidt $30.00
Personal Gift Aleah Shamji $30.00
Mason Shepley $30.00
Personal Gift Nicole Shepley $30.00
Steve Shepley $30.00
Tyler Shepley $30.00
Personal Gift Hope Simon $30.00
Personal Gift Katherine Sinclair $100.00
Kevin Stratton $30.00
Madison Stratton $30.00
Personal Gift Mandy-Lee Stratton $30.00
Ryan Stratton $30.00
Personal Gift Chris Talbott $80.00
Giada Talbott $30.00
Marlo Talbott $30.00
Nico Talbott $30.00
Personal Gift Jessica Taubman $30.00
Keaton Taubman $30.00
Ryan Taubman $30.00
Personal Gift Emerson Terry $30.00
Harper Terry $30.00
Jeb Terry $30.00
Jebby Terry $30.00
Robin Terry $30.00
Dan Tyler $30.00
Jack tyler $30.00
Michael Tyler $30.00
Personal Gift Vicki Tyler $30.00
Alia Vanzura $30.00
Ember Vanzura $30.00
Personal Gift Jessica Vanzura $30.00
Personal Gift Levi Vila $30.00
Scott Vila $30.00
Basil Walter $30.00
Personal Gift Mary Wright $30.00
Personal Gift Elly Young $30.00
Anna Zimbalist $30.00
Personal Gift Bea Zimbalist $30.00
Ivan Zimbalist $30.00
Team Gifts $230.00
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