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2019 Skechers Pier to Pier Friendship Walk

Pennekamp Dragons

Join your friends, neighbors, and classmates on Sunday, October 27th for the SKECHERS Pier to Pier Friendship Walk!

Be sure to join the Pennekamp Dragons team using the above URL and designate your contribution to the "Manhattan Beach Education Foundation" so your Registration Fee and more supports our Schools! Can't participate? No problem! Register as a "Virtual Walker”. For every Walker or Virtual Walker that is Registered with an MBEF or MBUSD School Team, we receive a generous donation from the SKECHERS Foundation.

Details: 8:00am: Check-in and Registration, Exhibitions and Fun Zone 9:00am: Opening Ceremony and Pier to Pier Walk starts.

Location: We start at the Manhattan Beach Pier and walk to the Hermosa Pier. If you have family members with little legs, maybe your walk ends here. Officially the walk circles back to the MB pier (Roundtrip walk of 3.5miles). On walk day, look for your Pennekamp friends near the Manhattan Beach Pier so we can walk together.

Why Sign Up? The spirit of the walk combines the values of inclusion, love and friendship. The money raised supports The Friendship Foundation kids, and our Manhattan Beach public schools. We hope to see you there and thank you so much for your support! If you have any questions, please contact Pennekamp Team Captain, Pip Coyne at or call 310-308-7816.

Pennekamp Dragons Raised
Personal Gift Philippa Coyne $30.00
Personal Gift Anna Bargagliotti $30.00
Personal Gift Sepideh Bassi $30.00
Liam Carroll $30.00
Norah Carroll $30.00
Ronan Carroll $30.00
Personal Gift Siobhan Carroll $30.00
Tim Carroll $30.00
Eduardo Carvajal $30.00
Personal Gift Keren Carvajal $30.00
Shane Carvajal $30.00
Jason Chao $30.00
Lauren Chao $30.00
Personal Gift Lorelei Chao $30.00
Lucas Chao $30.00
Lana Choi $30.00
Personal Gift Carol Mae Chun $30.00
Ethan Chun $30.00
Lester Chun $30.00
Travis Chun $30.00
Personal Gift Courtney Connolly $30.00
Hunter Connolly $30.00
Aidan Cooney $30.00
Gabby Cooney $30.00
Personal Gift Jana Cooney $30.00
Annie Coyne $30.00
Personal Gift John Coyne $30.00
Alex Danch $30.00
Personal Gift Monica Danch $30.00
Personal Gift Dietrich Davis $70.00
Jennifer Davis $0.00
Allison Decko $30.00
Andrew Decko $30.00
Personal Gift Kurt Decko $30.00
Norah Dupee $30.00
Personal Gift Sarah Dupee $30.00
Personal Gift Wendy Fletcher $30.00
Personal Gift Madison Fong $30.00
Lily Francisco $30.00
Personal Gift MARK FRANCISCO $30.00
Personal Gift Karina Gerger $30.00
Personal Gift Ryan Gordon $30.00
Personal Gift Jody Green $30.00
Personal Gift melissa heckscher $30.00
Personal Gift Gannon Jacobson $30.00
Jordyn Jacobson $30.00
Kristen Jacobson $30.00
Luca Johnson $30.00
Siena Johnson $30.00
Brinley Jones $30.00
Personal Gift Lilly Jones $30.00
Aryan Karamchandani $30.00
Jeanne Keasler $30.00
Loralei Keasler $30.00
Personal Gift Sarah Keasler $30.00
Ayush Khanna $30.00
Gaurav Khanna $30.00
Personal Gift Puja Khanna $30.00
Vihan Khanna $30.00
Tina Kim $30.00
Jason Kiredjian $30.00
Izumi LaRoque $30.00
Joanne Le $30.00
Personal Gift Vienna Lee $30.00
Personal Gift Aarav Maggon $30.00
Aryan Maggon $30.00
Personal Gift Nahal milani $30.00
Personal Gift Nika milani $30.00
Christine Ngo $30.00
Carolyn Nguyen $30.00
Carter Nguyen $30.00
Cody Nguyen $30.00
Personal Gift Minh Nguyen $30.00
Aaron Orozco $30.00
Dylan Orozco $30.00
Personal Gift Elizabeth Orozco $30.00
Makenna Orozco $30.00
Personal Gift Lawrence Ou $30.00
Kaiyan Patel $30.00
Personal Gift Kavita Patel $30.00
Personal Gift Sophie Ramirez $30.00
Personal Gift Sabina Randhawa $30.00
Personal Gift Andrew Ranne $30.00
Katie Ranne $30.00
Personal Gift Gillian Reese $30.00
Hannah Rubinstein $30.00
Max Rubinstein $30.00
Khalil Santiago $30.00
Personal Gift Theofeliz Santiago $30.00
Personal Gift Zandria Sia $60.00
Personal Gift Angie Smith $30.00
Olivia Smith $30.00
Personal Gift JeNai Spaulding $30.00
Kayden Spaulding $30.00
Krislynne Spaulding $30.00
Rory Spaulding $30.00
Pennie Stepczyk $40.00
Personal Gift Jimmy Suruki $30.00
Mason Suruki $30.00
Samuel Suruki $30.00
Brooklyn Thomas $30.00
Chip Thomas $30.00
Personal Gift Cynthia Thomas $30.00
Personal Gift David Thomas $30.00
Grayson Thomas $30.00
Personal Gift Pam Thomas $30.00
Personal Gift Dat Trieu $30.00
Hudson Trieu $30.00
Mason Trieu $30.00
Remy Trieu $30.00
Personal Gift Betty Wei $30.00
Personal Gift Jeff Wessels $50.00
Lilly Wessels $30.00
Gina West $30.00
Personal Gift Mike West $30.00
Pippa West $30.00
Rocco West $30.00
Personal Gift Michele Willberg $30.00
Savannah Willberg $30.00
Sydney Willberg $30.00
Brenna Yee $30.00
Bryan Yee $30.00
Connor Yee $30.00
Personal Gift Jennifer Yee $30.00
Team Gifts $0.00
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