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Team Goal: $3,200
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2019 Skechers Pier to Pier Friendship Walk

Meadows Mustangs

Join your friends, neighbors, and classmates on

Sunday, October 27th 

for the


Pier to Pier Friendship Walk! 

 Be sure to designate your contribution to the

"Manhattan Beach Education Foundation"

so your Registration Fee and more supports Meadows!

 Can't participate? No problem!

Register as a "Virtual Walker”.

For every Walker or Virtual Walker that is registered with an MBEF or MBUSD School Team, we receive a generous donation from the SKECHERS Foundation.  To register, select the orange "Join Team" button on the top right side of your screen.


8:00am: Check-in and Registration, Exhibitions and Fun Zone
9:00am: Opening Ceremony and Pier to Pier Walk starts


  • We start at the Manhattan Beach Pier and walk to the Hermosa Pier. 
  • If you have family members with little legs, maybe your walk ends here. 
  • Officially the walk circles back to the MB pier (Roundtrip walk of 3.5miles).

Why Sign Up?

The spirit of the walk combines the values of inclusion, love and friendship. The money raised supports The Friendship Foundation kids, and our Manhattan Beach public schools.

We hope to see you there and thank you so much for your support!

If you have any questions, please contact

Meadows Team Captain, Ashley Areyan or 310-991-7534


Meadows Mustangs Raised
Personal Gift Ashley Areyan $30.00
Personal Gift Aidan Allocca $30.00
Kelli Anderson $0.00
Terri Anderson $0.00
Personal Gift Jori Arancio $50.00
Damian Areyan $30.00
James Areyan $30.00
Tyler Areyan $30.00
Personal Gift Victoria Baxter $30.00
Graham Bender $30.00
Kyle Bender $30.00
Personal Gift Lara Bender $30.00
Nolan Bender $30.00
Emma Benjenk $30.00
Personal Gift Jeff Benjenk $30.00
Kate Benjenk $30.00
Kristi Benjenk $30.00
Brandi Bourgon $30.00
Personal Gift Lois Bourgon $30.00
Tyler Bourgon $30.00
Natalie Broderick $30.00
Francis Cardema $30.00
Personal Gift Joanna Cardema $30.00
Personal Gift Jaiden Chase $30.00
Kylee Chase $30.00
Maxym Chisholm $30.00
Mia Chisholm $30.00
Personal Gift Olenka Chisholm $30.00
Ava Rose Cramer $30.00
Personal Gift Jeremy Cramer $30.00
Mason Cramer $30.00
Otis Emerson $30.00
John Fraumeni $30.00
Personal Gift Lindsey Fraumeni $30.00
Max Fraumeni $95.00
Avery Giles $30.00
Personal Gift Paul Giles $30.00
Personal Gift allison Halvorsen $30.00
Personal Gift Zane Hammad $30.00
Grace Hansen $30.00
Personal Gift Julie Hansen $30.00
Maren Hansen $30.00
Wes Hansen $30.00
Personal Gift Heather Hearne $30.00
Personal Gift Tina Hertlein $50.00
Personal Gift Emma Hite $30.00
Personal Gift Cambria Hu $30.00
Oskar Hu $30.00
Dhilan Keller $30.00
Personal Gift Seth Keller $30.00
Personal Gift Alice Kuo $100.00
Personal Gift Hudson Leslie $30.00
Bryan Ley $30.00
Emma Ley $30.00
Personal Gift Lexi Ley $30.00
Personal Gift Amber Llorens $30.00
Colton MacPherson $30.00
Personal Gift Kim MacPherson $30.00
Stephen MacPherson $30.00
Cristian Marian $0.00
Personal Gift Jessica McMurrey $30.00
Jack Messenger $30.00
Anamaria Munteanu $30.00
Cristian Munteanu $30.00
Personal Gift Dragos Munteanu $30.00
Personal Gift Alex Murphy $30.00
Personal Gift Vesena Ottigel $35.00
Personal Gift Nina Ottingel $35.00
Personal Gift Kathleen Paralusz $30.00
Personal Gift Brady Pazzia $30.00
Jennifer Pazzia $30.00
Personal Gift Sydney Pennino $30.00
Personal Gift Brenda Pingelton $30.00
Lincoln Pingelton $30.00
Porter Pingelton $30.00
Vinodhini Ramagopal $30.00
Kellan Reardon $30.00
Personal Gift Natalie Reardon $30.00
Sophie Renner $30.00
Personal Gift Tian Renner $30.00
Personal Gift Crista Riccio $30.00
Personal Gift Helen Shi $30.00
Personal Gift Ashwin Warrier $30.00
Personal Gift Reese Zhang $30.00
Team Gifts $60.00
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