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Friendship is an important part of a child’s social‐emotional development. From our friends we learn to share, to listen and to express our feelings. But most importantly our friends give us a sense of belonging. Read up on some amazing friendships that have been developed through The Friendship Foundation and by the support of the SKECHERS Friendship Walk.

PHOTO CREDITS: Lauren Pressey Photography 

Brian & Casey

Brian & Casey

I got involved with Friendship Foundation after working with them through Anchorless Production on The Lion King KIDS musical. Since then I've become really interested in the foundation and thanks to them I've been able to meet great people. My high school has a Friendship Club where kids can go and hang out with kids in the special education classes every Tuesday and Thursday. Just being able to hang out with these kids is an amazing experience. What I love about the Friendship Foundation is that they provide an environment where everyone is just one big family. Who is Casey? Wow that's easy, he is amazing, funny, and nice. He just happens to also be a paraplegic but I know that if I were to introduce him, he would love for me to say, Casey is a star and there is no doubt. I met Casey through my drama class in my freshman year and I still can’t forget the first day he came to the class because he was so happy. Being able to be with Casey is a gift within itself since my older brother also had some health problems. He had lupus when he was young and then was diagnosed with cancer so, by the time he was 18 my brother couldn’t speak or move but he was always able to smile, laugh and say yes or no with his head. My brother passed away when he was 27 and I was about 13. My friendship with Casey brings back good memories and in a way I feel more comfortable hanging with him. I consider Casey to be one of my best friends and I think Casey hopefully feels the same way. If you ask Casey he will tell you I am his “master puppeteer”. So in other words, Casey translates to happy memories. - Brian

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